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September 4, 2023

Neurosoft Bioelectronics Achieves Remarkable Breakthrough

Swiss Company's Groundbreaking Electrode Grid Promises Safer and More Effective Brain Treatments

In a groundbreaking leap for medical science, Neurosoft Bioelectronics, a Swiss company, has achieved a significant milestone in the field of brain surgeries. Under the expert guidance of neurosurgeon Prof. Nitin Tandon, a pioneering clinical study conducted at Memorial Hermann in Houston has marked the debut of Neurosoft Bioelectronics’ subdural electrodes. These innovative electrodes have showcased their potential as a secure alternative to existing brain implants, bringing hope for treating severe neurological disorders.

The backdrop of this achievement is captivating: two epileptic patients and one brain tumor patient underwent a successful surgery. What sets this apart is the detailed recordings obtained concurrently from the surface of the brain using Neurosoft Bioelectronics' subdural electrodes. Notably, the results reflect the potential of these electrodes to facilitate brain insertions in areas where traditional implants couldn't safely venture. The implications are profound, hinting at the treatment of conditions like severe tinnitus, which currently lack validated remedies.

The uniqueness of these electrodes lies in their properties. With five times the electrode site density and a remarkable softness 1000 times greater than standard electrodes, this technology ushers in a new era of safety and efficacy in invasive procedures. It's a solution that addresses longstanding challenges like brain compression, hematoma risks, and scar tissue formation.

During the first procedure, a series of sentences reverberated across the operating room, capturing distinctive brain activity within the auditory cortex. Moreover, distinct brain patterns known as interictal spikes were recorded within the hippocampus. These patterns hold immense potential, aiding in pinpointing regions of the brain linked to epilepsy. This knowledge could significantly enhance the effectiveness of epilepsy resections.

Neurosoft Bioelectronics' electrodes hold promise in transforming the landscape of brain disorder treatments. With current invasive solutions carrying substantial risks due to rigidity and thickness, the soft and elastic nature of these electrodes offers a ray of hope. The potential to uncover supplementary biomarkers could revolutionize how we treat brain disorders.

"This remarkable milestone showcases the maturity of our technology and propels us closer to FDA clearance for our initial indications, potentially changing the lives of millions," shares Nicolas Vachicouras, CEO and Co-Founder of Neurosoft Bioelectronics.

Prof. Lacour, Co-Founder of Neurosoft Bioelectronics and Director of the Neuro-X Institute at EPFL, emphasizes the significance of this achievement, stating, "This is a significant step towards translating soft brain electrodes from academic laboratories to clinical applications."

This study, under Prof. Nitin Tandon's leadership, is poised for continued progress. Over the coming months, up to 10 patients will undergo additional electrode usage, unveiling more insights into the technology's potential applications.

Nicolas Vachicouras further explains, "Our preliminary findings validate our technology's trajectory and its ability to enhance the safety and efficacy of brain surgeries. Our next steps involve broader testing parameters and a deeper exploration of potential applications, including tinnitus, deafness, traumatic brain injury, and paralysis."

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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