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May 16, 2023

Nourish Care Leads the Digital Social Care Revolution

CQC's Push for Digital Record-Keeping Sets New Standards and Enhances Care Services

As the Care Quality Commission (CQC) announces measures to promote digital record-keeping in the adult care sector, paper-based care records may become a thing of the past. As a result of these changes, Nourish Care, a leading provider of digital social care records, said those in need of care will have a stronger voice, and providers will be able to improve services and raise standards across the industry.

“At Nourish we’ve long understood the potential positive impact of digital record keeping and how it can help care teams to achieve good outcomes for people receiving care. Seeing through digital transformation across the whole sector and ensuring each person receiving care feels the benefit is the very reason I founded Nourish,”

- outlines CEO and founder Nuno Almeida

By targeting 80% compliance by March 2024, the goal is to progressively digitize records, leading to improved outcomes for care recipients. This shift minimizes safety risks, enables swift responses to individuals' needs, and facilitates secure sharing of vital information among staff members. With over 3,500 care providers already utilizing Nourish's platform, registered managers report heightened visibility and oversight, allowing continuous refinement and enhancement of care quality and safety.

“Nourish is already ahead of the curve with our person-centred, pioneering approach. Our software allows seamless integration with many digital platforms such as GP Connect. This enables access to GP records, medicine management, and the ability to co-ordinate proactive care and support. In my view, these are vital functions that paper record keeping cannot compete with when it comes to high-quality, safe and compassionate care,”

- states the Chief Product Officer at Nourish Care, Jeremy Baldwin

The transition towards digital record-keeping not only improves care coordination at the local level but also fosters a more integrated approach by connecting health and care services. This holistic synergy optimizes resource utilization, empowers better support for the local population, and facilitates vital functions such as planning and research. The digital social care revolution is well underway, marking a transformative step towards a more connected and efficient care ecosystem.

Elitsa Kaleva
Elitsa Kaleva
Content Writer at TechNews180
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