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Thirona: Revolutionizing Lung Treatment with AI - Dutch AI firm secures EIC grant

Thirona, the Dutch AI-powered CT analysis specialist, secures funding from the EIC to advance personalized lung disease treatment
July 5, 2023

Thirona, a Netherlands-based company specializing in advanced CT image analysis with artificial intelligence (AI), has secured funding from the prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC). This funding will propel Thirona forward in its mission to facilitate personalized treatment for lung diseases and make a positive impact on patient care.

The highly competitive EIC grant, awarded after evaluating 551 submissions, has recognized Thirona as one of the 51 most innovative technology companies deserving of the EIC Accelerator grant. This selection is a testament to Thirona's groundbreaking work in the field of AI-driven CT image analysis.

What sets Thirona apart is not only its cutting-edge technology but also its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Among the 51 chosen companies, an impressive 30 percent have a female CEO or women in executive leadership positions. Furthermore, 15 of these selected companies are led by female CEOs, CTOs, or CSOs. Thirona's success is not only defined by its technical prowess but also by its dedication to promoting gender diversity within the industry.

Founded in 2014 by the accomplished scientist Eva van Rikxoort, Thirona has been at the forefront of providing high-precision advanced lung image analysis through AI-driven expertise-based services. Collaborating with MedTech, pharmaceutical, and contract research organizations (CROs), Thirona's solutions have been instrumental in developing breakthroughs in screening, diagnostics, and personalized patient treatment for lung diseases.

Thirona's AI-based LungQ platform serves as the catalyst for these innovations, enabling the development of solutions that revolutionize screening, diagnostics, and personalized treatment for patients with lung diseases. Through strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, MedTech firms, and clinical care integration organizations, Thirona is driving forward the frontier of healthcare, enhancing patient outcomes, and improving lives.

The EIC funding represents a significant milestone for Thirona, affirming its position as a leader in the field of AI-driven CT image analysis. With this support, Thirona is poised to accelerate its progress and deliver tangible advancements in personalized treatment for lung diseases. By leveraging the power of AI, Thirona is unlocking new possibilities and transforming the landscape of healthcare.

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