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July 24, 2023

UK Fitness Tech Startup Raises $2.5M to Revolutionize AI-Powered Workouts

Magic, the UK fitness tech dazzles Sir Branson & sports stars with AI home coaching!

A UK fitness tech start-up has secured an impressive $2.5 million to revolutionize personalized health and wellness experiences. With the backing of prominent investors, including Fasanara Capital and Sir Richard Branson, the company aims to automate fitness journeys on a larger scale using AI and data-driven hardware. Their vision is to revolutionize how consumers experience health and wellness, delivering personalized fitness journeys like never before, directly into their living room.

Fasanara Capital and London's SFC Capital led the funding round, recognizing the tremendous potential of the start-up's ReflectAI technology in shaping the future of fitness. Francesco Filia, CEO of Fasanara Capital, expressed excitement over this innovative trend, highlighting how AI is continuously reshaping various aspects of modern life.

The start-up, known as Magic, gained early support from renowned figures, including Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Eskinazi, Saasha Celestial-One, Miguel Martinez, and Cameron Dick. The backing of such influential investors attests to the company's revolutionary approach to transforming the fitness landscape.

Driven by a personal health journey that led to the loss of 25% body fat, Magic's CEO and co-founder, Varun Bhanot, recognized the limitations of traditional and costly personal training methods. This revelation inspired him to explore the potential of automation at scale using AI and data-driven hardware. Magic's ReflectAI technology promises to bridge the gap, providing personalized fitness experiences accessible to a wider audience.

With a remarkable $2.5 million in funding and a vision to automate AI-powered workouts, the UK fitness tech start-up Magic is poised to redefine personalized health and wellness experiences. Backed by influential investors and a passion for innovative fitness solutions, the company's ReflectAI technology is set to revolutionize the fitness landscape. Embrace the future of AI-powered workouts as Magic paves the way for more personalized, accessible, and data-driven fitness journeys for all.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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