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August 17, 2023

Xeltis Embarks on Medtech: European Innovation Fuels Revolutionary Implants

Xeltis Scores €12.5M for advance trials of its innovative implants and Radical Tissue-Regenerating Implants

In a remarkable leap forward for the medical technology arena, Dutch medtech pioneer Xeltis has sealed a groundbreaking €12.5 million funding injection from the prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund. This infusion propels Xeltis' total capital raised to an impressive €44.5 million. Anchored by a constellation of investors, including DaVita Venture Group, EQT Life Sciences, Kurma Partners, VI Partners, Ysios Capital, Grand Pharma Group, and a host of public and private backers, Xeltis' pioneering journey marches on.

Xeltis' innovation is poised to redefine medical possibilities with its visionary implant technology. These implants catalyze the organic formation of enduring, living vessels, offering a promising solution for patients in need. With ongoing trials spanning coronary artery bypass graft and vascular graft applications, Xeltis utilizes an advanced polymer implant that orchestrates the regeneration of a patient's own tissue. As this implant gradually assimilates, it leaves behind revitalized, resilient vessels – a testament to modern medicine's fusion with nature.

Svetoslava Georgivea, Chair of the EIC Fund Board, encapsulates the significance of this partnership, stating, "The European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund is committed to investing in European companies spearheading cutting-edge technologies with profound impact. Xeltis, an epitome of such a visionary enterprise, receives the EIC Fund's backing to fuel their potential for expansion and growth. Their restorative medical device technology is poised to revolutionize healthcare landscapes."

Eliane Schutte, CEO of Xeltis, reflects on the profound stride this investment represents, sharing, "The EIC's additional investment stands as a resounding affirmation of Xeltis' mission to elevate the quality of care for patients confronting life-threatening ailments. Our transformative vascular implants hold the promise of a better tomorrow. We eagerly anticipate sharing updates from our pivotal aXess trial as enrollment progresses seamlessly."

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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