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February 17, 2023

Full-Time Hiring Opportunities on Upwork

Upwork completely changes the character of its services by providing full-time hiring

The largest online marketplace for freelance work – Upwork, revealed a significant upgrade to its product line, introducing full-time hiring to all users. Businesses of all sizes can now identify, vetted, recruit, onboard, and pay highly qualified people for full-time work arrangements without the complexities often associated with global hiring through Upwork’s new end-to-end solution.

As survey data collected for Upwork’s 2022 Future Workforce Report outlined, 93% of hiring managers transition freelancers into full-time employees often or sporadically. However, transferring an employee to a full-time position requires time and observation of whether this candidate is suitable for the company match. Full-time employment may benefit from Upwork's demonstrated success in fostering long-lasting partnerships between companies and people from over 180 countries and 10,000 skill sets.

More than 2 million highly talented people worldwide who have previously shown an interest in full-time employment are now accessible to businesses through various new product features and improved capabilities, all from one platform - Upwork.

“Today, hiring full-time talent around the globe is an expensive proposition and a leap of faith for everyone involved”

- the General Manager of Marketplace in Upwork, Dave Bottoms.

“With this expansion into a full-time hiring solution for all our customers, we have mobilized Upwork’s longstanding expertise, experience and technology to further help businesses and skilled professionals build trusted, long-term working relationships. We aim to provide customers the flexibility to choose the work arrangements that best fit their needs, and empower people on both sides of our work marketplace to thrive in today’s ever-changing world of work”

The new update on Upwork will enable clients and talent to test out a contract-to-hire working relationship before committing to a lengthy, full-time commitment. Further, Upwork's top-notch payroll, compliance, and contract administration capabilities are now more widely available to assist small and midsize enterprises in categorizing and paying personnel, whether that talent is obtained through Upwork or their own network.

While up until now, the platform was associated with freelance opportunities, from now on, Upwork will not only provide a solution to hiring issues but also provide stability and opportunities for development within the freelance industry.

February 17, 2023
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