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June 7, 2023

Menlo Micro hires its first chief operating officer, a longtime industry veteran

Yalcin Bulut joins Menlo

Menlo Microsystems, the company behind the Ideal Switch technology, has announced a significant expansion to its senior leadership team. In an exciting move, the company has appointed Yalcin Bulut as its first Chief Operating Officer (COO). Reporting directly to Russ Garcia, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bulut's addition to the team marks a pivotal moment in Menlo Micro's growth trajectory.

Bulut brings a wealth of experience to Menlo Micro, having previously served as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at United Silicon Carbide (now Qorvo). His leadership background includes successful stints at Vishay, Inc. as the Vice President of Power Product Lines, and Alpha and Omega Semiconductor as the Vice President of Discrete Product Lines.

In his new role as COO, Bulut will assume responsibility for several critical functions within Menlo Micro. With oversight of sales, marketing, quality assurance, and product areas, he will play a key role in driving the company's growth and expanding its worldwide customer base. Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Micro, expressed his confidence in Bulut's abilities, stating, "Yalcin's extensive semiconductor market experience, operational expertise, and impressive track record in expanding customer adoption worldwide make him an invaluable addition to our executive leadership team. His strategic insights and remarkable talent for building and inspiring teams will undoubtedly accelerate our growth."

Bulut himself shared his excitement about joining Menlo Micro, highlighting the company's strong, innovative product portfolio and its expanding market presence. He expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead and emphasized his commitment to supporting the initiatives that will propel Menlo Micro's strategic growth.

Bulut holds a Bachelor of Material Science Engineering from Middle East Technical University and a Master of Business from Iowa State University, showcasing his diverse educational background and well-rounded skill set.

The appointment of Yalcin Bulut as Menlo Micro's COO marks a significant milestone for the company, signalling its commitment to continued innovation and market leadership. With his extensive experience and strategic vision, Bulut is poised to make a lasting impact and contribute to the company's accelerated growth journey.

As Menlo Micro continues to reshape the tech industry with its Ideal Switch technology, the addition of Bulut to the senior leadership team sets the stage for an exciting chapter in the company's history.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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