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May 18, 2023

Qualifi Raises $4.5M

The Indianapolis-based company provides enterprise solutions for high-volume hiring

Qualifi, the leading high-volume hiring enterprise solution, announced today that it has successfully secured $4.5 million in funding. This investment will fuel the company's rapid growth and drive its mission to revolutionize the way companies approach the hiring process. The funding round was spearheaded by MXV Capital and Rally Ventures, with participation from esteemed existing investors such as Correlation Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, and Sierra Ventures.

Qualifi's cutting-edge platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enables companies to streamline and optimize their hiring procedures. From candidate sourcing to interview scheduling and offer management, Qualifi automates the entire process, empowering organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, to hire efficiently for various roles spanning customer service, sales, and technical positions.

Expressing his excitement about the funding round, Qualifi's CEO and Co-Founder, Darrian Mikell, stated, "We are thrilled to welcome a diverse group of strategic investors who are perfectly aligned with our vision for the next phase of growth. This infusion of funding will enable us to further enhance our technology and address the pain points faced by recruiting teams worldwide. Our focus is on alleviating the burdens of talent leaders so that they can prioritize taking care of their people—a mission fully supported by our investor group. We can't wait to unveil the next chapter of Qualifi's growth to the world."

Mark Ghermezian, m]x[v Capital's General Partner, expressed enthusiasm about being a part of Qualifi's transformative mission in high-volume hiring, saying, "m]x[v is thrilled to join forces with Qualifi in revolutionizing how companies approach this critical process. By streamlining recruitment, the Qualifi platform eliminates friction for employers and job candidates alike. Through data-driven decision-making, speed, and a structured approach, Qualifi empowers organizations to build more diverse and qualified teams."

Jeff Hick, General Partner at Rally Ventures, shared his admiration for Qualifi's seamless solution, stating, "We are immensely impressed by Qualifi's frictionless platform, which empowers recruiters to identify top candidates faster through automation and asynchronous phone interviews. Equally important, Qualifi offers job seekers equitable access and delivers a memorable candidate experience. We take great pride in being part of this journey and contributing to the evolution of Talent Acquisition."

With this recent funding, Qualifi intends to continue investing in product development, bolstering its sales and marketing initiatives, and expanding its talented team to sustain its remarkable growth trajectory. The company remains committed to delivering unparalleled value to its clients in the dynamic landscape of high-volume hiring.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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