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February 22, 2023

The Innovator in the HR Industry Plum Successfully Secured USD 6 million Funding in

A crucial HR step toward unbiased hiring processes supported by $6 million funding

Plum, a talent assessment platform, has raised a USD 6 million funding round for growth. The funding round was led by Pearson Ventures, JFF Ventures, and Strada Education Network and will support Plum in its mission toward a more inclusive, diverse, and equal work environment.

Plum is a talent assessment platform that employs psychometric data to drive more objective and unbiased talent decisions throughout an employee's career. Plum enables companies to make more informed decisions by removing bias and offering objective data. Rather than relying on subjective evaluations or personal opinions, Plum helps organizations promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by identifying candidates based on their true potential, free from bias.

“At Plum, we know that when people flourish, business thrives. Our investors are focused on the innovation that ensures companies are ready for the ever-changing world of work while keeping a watchful eye on how the quality of work connects the employee to the employer. Building on our 100 percent ARR growth year-over-year, these funds will help us boost sales, marketing, and product development to accelerate growth and further Plum’s positive impact”

- the co-founder and CEO of Plum, Caitlin MacGregor

87% of those who take the test consider Plum's assessment results exceptionally accurate. Further, the platform's award-winning user experience (UX) ensures a smooth and efficient assessment process.

“We are excited by the innovation that Plum is bringing to the Talent Management space, particularly their focus on connecting individuals to the right opportunities where they’ll thrive. We are pleased to support Plum on the next phase of their growth and look forward to exploring various collaboration opportunities with them”

- the Vice President of Pearson Ventures, Pedro Vasconcellos

Lighthouse Research & Advisory recognized Plum with a 2022 HR Tech Award for its outstanding contribution to talent management, specifically in the Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution category.

February 22, 2023
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