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June 28, 2023

The Muse Introduces Coach Connect Outplacement Services to Empower Job Transitions

By offering personalized coaching, The Muse strives to empower individuals

The Muse, a leading job search and career advice platform grounded in strong values, is thrilled to unveil its latest offering: Coach Connect Outplacement Services. Designed to assist companies in supporting departing employees during the challenging period of layoffs, this personalized coaching service aims to help individuals smoothly transition to their next career opportunity.

Kathryn Minshew, the founder and CEO of The Muse, elaborated on the significance of the Coach Connect Outplacement program, stating, "We are dedicated to helping companies implement customized coaching services that provide compassionate support to employees navigating the transition to a new role. By offering coaching and direct assistance to those affected by layoffs, we can alleviate anxiety and boost morale for both departing and remaining team members."

Coach Connect Outplacement Services caters to the unique needs of various professionals, including individual contributors, leaders, and executives. The Muse meticulously selects experienced coaches with expertise in career transitions, ensuring individuals receive expert guidance on job search strategies, resume optimization, LinkedIn recommendations, interview preparation, and more. By providing a seamless solution that can be swiftly implemented, Coach Connect services are particularly valuable in critical situations where timing is of the essence.

Early beta customers of the Outplacement Services have already reported significant benefits. Eloise Eonnet, director of Coach Connect at The Muse, shared the positive feedback received from partners, saying, "Our offering has fostered a more supportive culture for those impacted by layoffs, as well as internally. Witnessing the support extended to their laid-off colleagues, team members remain motivated and feel a sense of solidarity."

In addition to Outplacement Services, The Muse empowers companies to purchase coaching packages that aid current employees in enhancing their focus, executive strategy, and leadership skills. Furthermore, individuals can directly access Coach Connect services through the website to receive personalized guidance on securing a raise or promotion, navigating a career change, updating their resume, or preparing for an upcoming interview.

The Coach Connect process begins with individuals reaching out to The Muse's team, who promptly pair them with a dedicated coaching team member. This expert guides them through every step of the coaching journey. After completing a comprehensive questionnaire, the coaching team member meticulously reviews the information provided and selects a coach best suited to the individual's specific needs. Subsequently, a fruitful connection is established between the individual and their assigned coach, facilitating the creation of a tailored action plan. Remarkably, The Muse has already assisted over 23,000 individuals through the transformative power of Coach Connect.

Embrace the Transition with The Muse's Coach Connect Outplacement Services The Muse's introduction of Coach Connect Outplacement Services marks a significant milestone in supporting employees during the often tumultuous period of layoffs.

With a wide range of services available, including tailored guidance for career changes, resume updates, and interview preparation, Coach Connect is a valuable resource for both companies and individuals navigating the evolving job landscape.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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