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February 15, 2023

In May 2023, iCIMS will organize the fourth edition of its annual INSPIRE conference

iCIMS has announced the fourth INSPIRE conference

iCIMS has revealed that it will organize the fourth edition of its highly-regarded conference, INSPIRE, on May 9, 2023. Each year, INSPIRE brings together numerous talent management experts worldwide to share their knowledge and insights on effective strategies and the latest advancements for developing successful workforces.

iCIMS is a company that specializes in providing talent management software solutions, which enable businesses to effectively attract, engage, hire, and advance the most suitable employees. With a broad customer base of nearly 6,000 organizations, including 40% of the Fortune 100, iCIMS has facilitated the transformation of many businesses, which together employ more than 33 million individuals globally.

“The bar continues to be set high for talent acquisition across organizations, and we're paving a new way forward with our community to leap over it”

- Brian Provost, chief executive officer of iCIMS

“I didn't think an industry conference could ever feel intimate and big at the same time, but INSPIRE does just that”

- the co-host of The Chad and Cheese Podcast, Joel Cheesman

Among the award winners of past INSPIRE conferences are talent management executives from various leading organizations, such as Amazon, Ulta Beauty, First Citizens Bank, Herbalife, Align Technology, and Envoy Air.

“The energy at INSPIRE is striking, bringing together the industry's finest with the perfect amount of professionalism and bells-and-whistles for a valuable, first-class experience. I've been to them all, and I can say that this event is well worth your time and investment”

- Joel Cheesman

The iCIMS Talent Innovator Awards are now accepting nominations. Those interested in submitting nominations must do so before the March 1 deadline, and the winners will be publicly acknowledged during INSPIRE.

February 15, 2023
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