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August 18, 2023

A Sitdown with Pieter Limburg, founder, and CEO of Mobilo

We discuss the future of networking with the maker of the first smart business card for virtual networking

17th century Europe saw business cards as inconsequential pieces of paper that found their way into everyday meetings with people. However, where connectivity drives success, traditional business cards fall short to keep up with today’s digital connections. In this insightful interview, we delve into the mind of Mobilo’s CEO, Pieter Limburg who envisioned smart business cards that blend technology into networking practices to make it more efficient and meaningful. With AI features, Mobilo shines among competitors by turning casual contacts into valuable leads, while embracing sustainability by eliminating paper waste.

Mobilo’s solution is designed to revolutionize networking, changing the way physical and virtual events are experienced. Pieter’s vision extends into the future of intelligent networking, envisioning a landscape where technology creates genuine connections regardless of setting. Success stories are bound - at a tech conference, participants exchange information using Mobilo’s smart business cards. These interactions are translated into actionable leads by AI-powered systems, turning casual conversations into meaningful prospects. Get a glimpse into the future of networking through this exclusive interview with Mobilo’s visionary.

Mobilo founder and CEO Pieter Limburg
Mobilo founder and CEO Pieter Limburg

Neil: What inspired you to develop smart business cards and how did you envision them transforming traditional networking practices?

Pieter: The inspiration behind developing smart business cards came from the realization that traditional paper business cards were becoming outdated and unsustainable. I envisioned a solution that would seamlessly blend technology with networking, enhancing the way professionals connect and exchange information. I saw smart business cards as a means to transform networking practices by offering a dynamic and efficient way to share contact information, engage in meaningful conversations, and instantly capture leads. The goal was to create a tool that not only simplifies networking but also aligns with modern preferences and values, ultimately driving more productive interactions.

Neil: Can you share how Mobilo provides networking solutions that revolutionize the management of the events industry? How does this technology bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds?

Pieter: Mobilo's networking solutions are designed to revolutionize event management, and the likes thereof, by offering a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between physical and virtual events. Our technology empowers event organizers and attendees to seamlessly exchange contact information, store leads, and engage in follow-ups, all through a simple tap. This technology eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures accurate lead management, optimizing the ROI of networking events. By enabling this functionality in both physical and virtual settings, we're providing a unified solution that maximizes networking opportunities regardless of the event format.

Neil: Could you highlight some key features that make Mobilo stand out against its competitors?

Pieter: What sets Mobilo apart from its competitors are its AI-powered features, scalability, and security measures. Our smart business cards utilize AI to automate lead generation and follow-ups, ensuring that connections made during networking events translate into actionable leads. Additionally, Mobilo's platform is highly scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises with extensive teams. And our commitment to data security is unparalleled, with Mobilo being the first smart business card company to achieve SOC 2 certification and develop a proprietary security layer, ensuring clients' data remains secure.

Neil: How do you perceive the future of intelligent networking and its impact on professional interactions? How do you see Mobilo leading the way for this dynamic?

Pieter: The future of intelligent networking holds immense potential for transforming professional interactions. As networking becomes more data-driven and personalized, Mobilo is at the forefront of driving this dynamic change. We envision a landscape where professionals can seamlessly transition from in-person to virtual interactions, all while maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of networking. Mobilo's innovative technology will continue to lead the way by providing solutions that enhance engagement, streamline lead generation, and foster authentic connections, both in physical and virtual networking scenarios.

Neil: Mobilo's objective is to make event participation more interactive and engaging, even in virtual settings. Could you share some success stories or customer feedback that highlights how Mobilocard has enhanced clients' experiences?

Pieter: We've witnessed numerous success stories that highlight how Mobilocard has revolutionized networking experiences. One such story involves a tech conference where participants used Mobilo's smart digital business cards to exchange contact information. The real success emerged afterward, as our AI-powered system automatically stored the leads directly into the participants' CRMs. This resulted in a significantly higher follow-up rate and conversion rate, transforming what used to be casual connections into meaningful prospects. Our clients consistently report improved engagement, enhanced lead management, and a higher return on investment from their networking efforts using Mobilocard.

Neil: One of Mobilo’s objectives is to push sustainable initiatives to eliminate paper waste. How do you see your smart business cards shaping a more eco-friendly approach to networking?

Pieter: Mobilo's commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of our vision. Our smart business cards play a crucial role in shaping a more eco-friendly approach to networking by eliminating the need for paper-based business cards. By reducing paper waste, we contribute to a greener future and align with the growing environmental consciousness of businesses. Beyond paper reduction, our digital solution also supports remote networking, reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel to physical events. Mobilo is dedicated to making a positive impact on both networking efficiency and environmental sustainability - helping businesses of all sizes reduce their carbon emissions.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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