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October 2, 2023

Madrid's 5G Speed Unveiling the Data

CELLSMART cellular testing car embarked on a high-speed journey through the city, like a 5G superhero

A mobile initiative by CELLSMART, the global intelligence division of SmartCIC, has set the stage for a revealing look at Madrid's 5G download speeds. With its specially equipped testing car traversing the city, the results are both enlightening and illuminating.

Intriguingly, Madrid's average 5G download speed stands at 64.44 Mbps, a figure that places it behind the global average of 101.42 Mbps. However, the story gets more captivating as we delve deeper. The CELLSMART testing car, performing 5G assessments every 60 seconds as it journeyed through the city, showcased a remarkable peak download speed of 229.03 Mbps. To put that in context, a 300 Mbps download speed empowers users to stream ultra-HD video on a dozen devices simultaneously or download an HD movie in just two minutes.

But what makes this initiative truly groundbreaking is its mission to map cellular network performance much like Google maps streets around the world. Dubbed "Drive," this project's ambition is to provide essential insights to businesses about the best cellular networks available locally. As Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC, explains, "Our results show that 5G performance varies greatly across even small local areas, making drive testing essential for choosing a cellular provider."

The CELLSMART Drive car is currently embarking on a journey across France and Spain, and upcoming plans include testing 5G performance in the United States. This two-week loop across key cities is an integral part of this extensive endeavor. Real-time testing data and updates are being shared on SmartCIC's LinkedIn pages, offering an inside look at this ambitious venture.

The "Drive is Live" testing map provides near real-time test results, offering an engaging window into the evolving landscape of cellular performance.

"We're test driving the world's cellular networks in the field because this data simply doesn't exist," notes CELLSMART. This initiative is set to capture intelligence that provides a snapshot of local 5G performance, covering urban centers and remote areas alike. The goal is to map cellular networks comprehensively and efficiently.

The "Drive" initiative follows the success of the CELLSMART Global Cellular Performance Survey, which leveraged SmartCIC's extensive network of 25,000 engineers across 106 countries to assess cellular performance globally. Notably, the survey revealed that Oslo, Norway, leads Europe with a maximum 5G download speed of 1.12 Gbps.

For those curious about the inner workings of this venture, a CELLSMART Drive launch video is available to provide a deeper understanding.

CELLSMART, driven by SmartCIC, is dedicated to empowering enterprise customers with rapid cellular solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and supported by over 25,000 engineers in 200 countries across the globe. With initiatives like "Drive," it's poised to reshape how we perceive and utilize cellular networks.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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