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February 22, 2023

A new partnership between POSCO and Hardt Hyperloop brings the future closer to reality

The transport of the future is near, and hyperloop enter the transport industry

Hardt Hyperloop has established an official partnership with POSCO International Corporation (P-INT’L), a trading company based in South Korea. Under this partnership, P-INT’L will serve as a business supplier, providing steel products for the European Hyperloop Centre in Groningen. Additionally, as part of a comprehensive business partnership, P-INT'L will also make a financial investment in Hardt Hyperloop.

“We are honored that this impressive group of investors has chosen to place their belief in the work of Hardt, and believe this is a credibility stamp on our team and technology from both our partners and investors. We look forward to continuing to build on this trust through the thoughtful implementation of steps in our roadmap, of which the European Hyperloop Center is a big piece”

- Tim Houter, a co-founder of Hardt

The Hyperloop is an innovative mode of ground transportation that utilizes low-pressure tubes to transport passengers in floating pods at speeds exceeding 700 miles per hour. It relies on an entirely electromagnetic propulsion system, which has the potential to significantly reduce travel time between major cities and contribute to the European community's sustainability goals in the transportation sector.

In addition to offering new travel opportunities for people, the Hyperloop system is also a promising option for transporting goods, which is particularly appealing to the port of Rotterdam. With an anticipated 2.5-fold increase in the volume of goods transportation by 2050, finding a quicker and more environmentally friendly way to move these products is essential to ensure smooth port operations.

According to Tim Houter, if everything progresses as planned, the first operational segment of the Hyperloop will be a fact in Rotterdam as early as 2030. Further, plans of Hardt overreach this mission and have set a goal of establishing a functional Hyperloop system between Rotterdam and Berlin by 2050, allowing passengers to make the journey in just one hour and forty minutes without emitting any CO2.

“We are excited by the innovation that Plum is bringing to the Talent Management space, particularly their focus on connecting individuals to the right opportunities where they’ll thrive. We are pleased to support Plum on the next phase of their growth and look forward to exploring various collaboration opportunities with them”

- the Vice President of Pearson Ventures, Pedro Vasconcellos

Lighthouse Research & Advisory recognized Plum with a 2022 HR Tech Award for its outstanding contribution to talent management, specifically in the Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution category.

February 22, 2023
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