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July 4, 2023

Bonnet's Power Surge: More Charging Locations with ubitricity

Revolutionizing EV Charging: London Network Expands with ubitricity, EnBW Partnerships

London-based EV charging app Bonnet is set to revolutionize the charging landscape with its latest collaboration. Through a new partnership with UK charging network ubitricity, Bonnet introduces over 7,000 additional charging locations to its app, offering unprecedented convenience to its users. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell, ubitricity operates across the UK, Germany, and France, utilizing local infrastructure such as lamp posts and bollards as accessible charge points.

Excitement fills the air as Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet, expresses his delight, stating, "We are thrilled that ubitricity, as the UK’s largest charging network, has joined us from today, and we really look forward to working with them. At Bonnet, we are working around the clock to make charging up as easy as possible - removing the need for multiple apps - and the inclusion of leading networks like ubitricity, whose chargers are accessible on-street, is one way we will deliver this mission."

This partnership follows closely on the heels of Bonnet's recent collaboration with German-based charging network EnBW. With these new alliances, Bonnet drivers gain access to a vast network of over 40 networks and an impressive 260,000 charging devices spanning the UK and Europe. The growth of Bonnet's charging ecosystem empowers electric vehicle owners with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Founded in 2021 by Patrick Reich and Eliot Makabu, Bonnet has shown remarkable progress in securing funding. With a successful £3 million raise in March and an additional £720,070.90 through an overfunded Crowdcube campaign, Bonnet is poised for even greater advancements in the EV charging sector.

The Bonnet-ubitricity partnership exemplifies Bonnet's commitment to transforming the charging experience and providing seamless access to an extensive charging infrastructure. By collaborating with industry leaders and expanding its network, Bonnet is leading the way towards a future of effortless and efficient electric vehicle charging.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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