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July 4, 2023

Cowboy's Cruiser: The Dutch-inspired e-bike taking the streets by storm

Unveiling the Cruiser: Belgian e-bike company's newest ride featuring enhanced comfort and higher gear ratio

Introducing the Cruiser: Belgian e-bike company Cowboy's latest creation, born from riders' desire for Dutch-style comfort and improved navigation. With its sleek design and enhanced features, this new bike is poised to take the cycling experience to new heights.

Tanguy Goretti, co-founder of Cowboy, reveals that the idea for the Cruiser stemmed from riders' feedback, primarily from men, who sought a more relaxed and upright riding position. To address this demand, the Cruiser boasts curved handlebars and a redesigned wider saddle, reminiscent of the Dutch riding style, ensuring a comfortable journey on every ride.

Priced at an introductory offer of £2,690, the Cruiser's allure extends beyond its contemporary design and features. Cowboy plans to raise its bike prices in the near future to continue investing in pioneering technology that sets them apart in the market.

While enthusiasts may wonder about color updates for the Cruiser, Goretti reveals that the bike will debut in the classic Cowboy colors of black and tan, maintaining the brand's iconic appeal.

Amidst the excitement of the new release, questions linger about the ongoing patent infringement dispute with eBikeLabs. Goretti assures that the process is ongoing, and Cowboy remains steadfast in denying the claims, looking forward to a resolution.

Having already sold over 50,000 bikes, Cowboy's impact on the environment is impressive, with riders collectively saving over 8.2 million tonnes of CO2 to date. As the number of cyclists taking to the streets increases, Goretti rejoices in witnessing people reclaiming their cities and embracing a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

The Cruiser exemplifies Cowboy's dedication to addressing rider feedback, innovation, and sustainability, making it a formidable addition to the e-bike market. As more riders embark on their journeys with the Cruiser, the cycling landscape will undoubtedly witness a positive shift towards a greener, more rider-friendly future.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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