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The US Firm Extends Lifeline to VanMoof, Embracing Advanced Tech & Subscription Model of Dutch E-Bike Innovator
August 2, 2023

In a strategic move that could reshape the urban transport landscape,, the mobility giant with a significant presence in Italy, has put forth a compelling non-binding bid to acquire VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike firm facing challenges.'s keen interest in VanMoof stems from the latter's acclaimed 'advanced e-bike technology and subscription model,' which promises to bolster the already impressive product offerings of the US firm.

Salvatore Palella, CEO of, envisions this potential acquisition as a pivotal step in their quest to fortify their position in the rapidly evolving micro-mobility market and diversify their range of solutions. VanMoof's renowned brand reputation, innovative e-bike technology, and distinctive subscription model align perfectly with's forward-looking vision for the future of urban transport.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by the micro-mobility sector, Palella, and his team remain resolute in their belief in the transformative power of this industry. The prospect of integrating VanMoof, known for its quality and innovation, represents a thrilling stride towards their collective vision of a more sustainable and efficient future for urban transportation.

As the deal unfolds, the tech world eagerly awaits the potential convergence of these two influential forces, each bringing its unique strengths and perspectives to propel the micro-mobility revolution to new heights. With urban transportation at the cusp of transformation, this groundbreaking bid could usher in a brighter, more sustainable era for city dwellers worldwide.

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