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Pelikan Mobility Secures €4M for Fleet Electrification

Pelikan Mobility, a commercial fleet platform, made waves by announcing a successful €4 million seed round
March 22, 2024

In a bid to revolutionize the commercial fleet landscape, Pelikan Mobility proudly announces its successful €4 million seed round. Founded by David Salfati, with a notable background at Engie and Macquarie, and Vincent Schachter, previously associated with CEA, TotalEnergies, and eMotorWerks, Pelikan Mobility embarked on its journey at the close of 2022. The startup aims to democratize the mass electrification of commercial fleets by rendering it both economically feasible and operationally seamless.

Commercial fleets represent a substantial contributor to European greenhouse gas emissions, amounting to 10% of the total. Addressing their decarbonization emerges as a paramount sustainability imperative. However, despite the palpable drive towards sustainability, the transition to electrification encounters significant hurdles, primarily economic in nature.

One of the primary challenges lies in the disparate treatment of electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles within the commercial fleet ecosystem. Pelikan Mobility identifies this discrepancy and endeavors to bridge the gap through a novel approach. By intertwining cutting-edge technology with operational insights, Pelikan aims to usher in a new era of commercial EV leasing solutions.

The startup's mission revolves around optimizing EV integration into fleet operations, thereby mitigating operational disruptions and driving down electrification costs. Pelikan's pioneering platform harnesses deep tech to extend lease durations, enhance asset longevity, and ensure seamless integration tailored to the unique operational context of each fleet.

Since its inception, Pelikan has made significant strides in software platform development, with live deployment and testing underway with prominent utility and logistics players in France. Vincent Schachter, co-founder of Pelikan, emphasizes the company's commitment to massive fleet electrification, underpinned by a bold vision and cutting-edge technology.

The successful seed round, backed by prominent investors such as Pale Blue Dot, Frst, Seedcamp, and others, underscores Pelikan's potential to disrupt the transportation and logistics landscape. Pierre Entremont, Managing Partner at Frst Capital, lauds Pelikan's innovative approach, recognizing its capacity to transform the industry.

With the infusion of €4 million in seed funding, Pelikan is poised to leverage its technological edge and propel the commercial fleet electrification agenda forward.

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