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March 9, 2023

Reitan Convenience to open 6 stores in Arlanda Airport

Reitan Convenience wins Swedavia’s public procurement for the Stockholm airport.

On 9 March 2023, Reitan Convenience, a Swedish company that owns brands like 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån, shall open six stores at Arlanda Airport in June 2023. This is following their public procurement by Swedavia, a state-owned company responsible for operating Sweden’s busiest airports. The contract is valid for five years and according to Sweden Posts English, the new stores are expected to generate over $19 million per year in revenue.

To meet consumer needs, Arlanda Airport is in the process of constructing a marketplace spanning 11 kilometres, one of the biggest investments in their history of commercial operations. A section of the marketplace, with Nordic designs, is anticipated to be functional by the summer of 2023, and the entire project shall conclude by the end of 2024. In order to satiate a traveller on the go, Reitan Convenience’s new 7-Eleven will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, situated in Arlanda’s marketplace.

General stores depend on footfall for selling their products. Anna Wallenberg, the CEO of Reitan Convenience explains, “[w]e always want to be in places where there are a lot of people, with our affordable range of food, drinks and everyday services. With these outlets, we will be able to reach out to both Swedish and international customers at the airports with our new concept. In tough economic times like these, it is especially positive for us to have a big business deal like this that ensures good revenue over the longer term”.

For Charlotte Ljunggren, the Chief Comercial Officer at Swedavia, affordable and practical stores are essential at airports: “Our customer surveys show that many passengers are mostly looking for the same assortment as in their everyday lives. There is also demand for outlets with a wider range of prices, and it should be easy to shop there. At our airports, a kiosk should always be nearby in all of our terminals and piers. We are really pleased that so many new outlets are opening this summer”.

With long layovers and time to spare, airports are often hotspots for aspirational consumption. The collaboration between Reitan’s stores and Swedavia prioritises essential, pragmatic, products, meeting every traveller’s basic needs.

March 9, 2023
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