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February 22, 2023

Stippl Secured an Additional €400K in Funding, a Step Forward its Mission to Replace Microsoft Excel

Travel planning in the 21st century is about to change even more. How and why - Stipple is prepared to reveal.

Stippl, a Dutch travel platform, has announced that it has raised €400K in funding. The support of this funding will enable the company to expedite its worldwide expansion efforts and reach a user base above 100,000 travelers across the globe by 2023.

Founded and based in Amsterdam, Stipple is a travel-tech startup that allows individuals to book and organize their travel plans. The platform enables users to create, arrange, and modify their travel itineraries in a single location, ranging from research and inspiration to identifying the optimal route, accommodation, activities, and transportation options.

“Our mission is to make the process of planning a trip as enjoyable as the journey itself”

- Luuk Verhoeven, Omar Sheshtawy, and Robin van Rijn

Through Stippl’s website and mobile app, users can select their travel dates and destinations in a "drag and drop" planner, which can be shared and synced with others when multiple people are involved in planning trips.

Once the trip has been planned, Stippl can assist in finding and booking suitable accommodation options through websites like and Airbnb, as well as transportation via public transport providers and airlines. Further, the platform allows its users to plan their activities in advance and provides an opportunity to replicate the complete journey made by other users, among which there are travel influencers and blog writers. Further, Stippl is not limited to travelers but is open to other entities such as hotels and Destination Marketing Organisations.

Stippl’s ambition is to replace Microsoft Excel as the most widely used travel planner globally, which is reachable according to the increase in user numbers. Launched in 2022, the platform has already reached 20 000 users, and the number is constantly growing.

February 22, 2023
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