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Tesla Cuts Price in Premium Driver Assistance to Half

Tesla shakes up the automotive world by slashing the subscription price of its top-tier driver assistance system
April 15, 2024

Tesla shakes up the automotive world once again, slashing the subscription fee for its premier driver assistance system in the U.S. A move that caught many by surprise, considering CEO Elon Musk's prior declarations of an upward trajectory for the cost of Full Self-Driving (FSD). Formerly tagged at $199 monthly, the price has now plummeted to $99.

Musk's past statements, dating back to May 2020, painted a picture of ever-increasing FSD prices, paralleling the system's evolution towards full autonomy. However, this recent adjustment defies those projections. While FSD, often hailed as the holy grail of vehicular autonomy, doesn't quite deliver on its name yet, Tesla continues to strive towards that ambitious goal.

Contrary to popular belief, FSD doesn't render Tesla vehicles fully autonomous or ready for the promised era of robotaxis. Despite Musk's persistent assurances to shareholders and customers, the reality remains tethered to human oversight. The system, labeled as "Full Self-Driving (Supervised)," boasts capabilities such as lane changes, route following, and obstacle avoidance, yet emphasizes the critical role of a vigilant driver. Tesla's cautionary stance is clear: don't let the technology breed complacency.

But Tesla isn't the only player in the autonomous vehicle arena. Competitors like Alphabet-owned Waymo are already operating commercial robotaxi services in select U.S. cities, while others, including Didi and Amazon's Zoox, are making strides in their respective markets.

In a bid to showcase FSD's prowess, Musk recently mandated demonstrations for all sales and service staff, coupled with a generous one-month free trial for North American customers. Yet, feedback on the system's latest iteration remains mixed, with some lauding its capabilities while others voice concerns over consistency and safety.

Amidst speculation and anticipation, Musk tantalizes with promises of a dedicated robotaxi unveiling in the near future. However, as history shows, Tesla's unveilings are more about marketing than concrete production timelines.

As questions linger regarding the permanence of the price reduction, Tesla remains tight-lipped, declining to provide further details at this time. With each move, Tesla continues to disrupt the automotive landscape, leaving industry observers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in its journey towards autonomy.

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