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June 9, 2023

Tesla's Secret Reveals Shocking Cybertruck Flaws

Tesla's groundbreaking pickup prototype unveils shocking flaws in braking, handling, noise, and leaks, per internal report

Back in November 2019, Tesla unveiled its highly anticipated Cybertruck, a futuristic electric pickup truck with a stainless steel body and unbreakable glass. However, the launch didn't go as planned, with the truck's windows shattering during a demonstration. Since then, the Cybertruck has faced numerous delays, leaving eager customers waiting for their pre-orders to be fulfilled. Now, a leaked internal report obtained by German newspaper Handelsblatt sheds light on the vehicle's underlying design flaws. The report highlights issues with braking, handling, noise, and leaks in the Cybertruck's alpha prototype. While Tesla's financial resources can likely address these challenges, the report raises concerns about the company's ability to compete in the growing electric truck market.

Nevertheless, amidst the determined strides made by competing automakers in advancing their electric vehicle (EV) initiatives, Tesla's forward momentum appears to have encountered certain obstacles. Tesla has admirably garnered an impressive number of around 1.8 million pre-orders for the Cybertruck, highlighting the enduring support of its devoted customer base. The company hasn't launched a new consumer vehicle since 2020, putting it behind competitors who regularly refresh their lineups. While the Cybertruck's production is crucial for Tesla's growth narrative, it is just one of many challenges the company faces, including the successful launch of new battery packs, widespread deployment of safe Full Self-Driving software, and the creation of an affordable EV.

The leaked engineering report reveals that the alpha version of the Cybertruck struggled with various fundamental issues. The vehicle's body sealing was a particular concern, with testers identifying numerous potential noise leaks. Additionally, the report noted problems with handling, including mid-speed abruptness, excessive head-toss accelerations, and structural shake. Brake performance fell short of expectations, achieving a "poor" rating instead of the desired "fair" score. These challenges surprised experts, as they are typical mechanical engineering issues encountered in most vehicles. The report also highlighted difficulties in meeting targets for vehicle suspension parameters, such as torsional stiffness and alignment.

As Tesla grapples with these design flaws, other automakers are making significant strides in the electric truck market. Ford's F-150 Lightning, for example, has already begun production, benefitting from decades of experience in building pickup trucks. General Motors' Chevrolet and GMC brands, as well as Rivian, are also likely to beat Tesla to market. Furthermore, Tesla's unique design choices, such as the angular stainless steel plates, pose manufacturing and repair challenges. The Cybertruck's unconventional appearance and sharp edges may make it difficult to comply with pedestrian safety regulations, especially outside the US.

Despite the leaked report shedding light on the Cybertruck's design flaws, Tesla's financial resources should enable the company to address these issues. However, the delays in delivering the Cybertruck and the challenges faced by Tesla in the increasingly competitive electric truck market are concerning. Tesla needs new products to maintain its growth narrative and keep the hype alive. While the Cybertruck's production is essential, Tesla must also navigate other obstacles, including battery technology, software development, and affordability. The coming years will be crucial for Tesla as it strives to deliver on its promises and secure its position as a leader in the EV industry.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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