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VanMoof and Lavoie Join Forces to Shape the Future of Transportation

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: VanMoof's Merger with Lavoie Creates Excitement in the micromobility Landscape
September 4, 2023

The tech world is buzzing with news as VanMoof, a trailblazing e-bike company, gets acquired by Lavoie, a leading e-scooter brand under the British giant McLaren. This announcement, brought forward by curators on a Thursday, has piqued curiosity about this partnership's prospects for VanMoof's loyal customer base. Marking a significant event, the acquisition's final closure is anticipated on Monday, September 4.

Lavoie's CEO, Nick Fry, shared insights with Reuters, revealing that substantial investment is flowing into VanMoof to stabilize and propel the company forward. With an injection of "tens of millions of pounds in the short term," Fry stated that this opportunity is more than just a business move. He emphasized VanMoof's outstanding product and acknowledged the challenges they are navigating due to previous financial constraints.

Lavoie's plan involves leveraging this acquisition to expand VanMoof's business ambitiously, as detailed in their official statement. However, amidst all the buzz, one question remains: who exactly is Lavoie and what do they bring to the table?

'Driven by a desire to redefine urban mobility' is a sentiment that resonates deeply. Just like VanMoof, which embarked on a mission to transform city commuting with its electric bicycles, Lavoie, the British e-scooter brand, sees its e-steps as a catalyst for this very mission. It's a testament to the shared passion for changing the urban mobility landscape.

A mere fortnight ago, speculations about British interest in VanMoof's acquisition swirled around. Reports, attributed to a Reuters source, indicated advanced discussions. However, subsequent updates hinted at a pause in negotiations. Another British consortium and even the Turkish scooter sharer BinBin participated in these talks, adding further intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Lavoie emerges as the ultimate victor, backed by credentials that affirm its merit. As a subsidiary of McLaren Applied, the technology arm of McLaren renowned in the automotive and motorcycle industries, Lavoie boasts an impressive pedigree. McLaren Applied's reputation spans from supplying F1 teams with crucial electronic components to collaborating with various manufacturers in the industry.

Prior to 2021, McLaren Applied was integral to the McLaren Group's pursuits. However, a pivot towards focusing exclusively on super sports cars and racing teams spurred a spin-off through a private equity investor. Despite a considerable reduction in size, the subsequent resurgence opens doors for fresh opportunities and growth.

The year 2022 marked McLaren's re-entry into complete vehicle development, with Lavoie introducing the electric step or e-scooter named Series 1. This ingenious creation is designed for the fast-paced lives of urban dwellers, allowing for seamless transitions from car trunks to city streets. Its unveiling earlier this summer was met with fervor, owing to its exceptional design and the patented origami-style unfolding mechanism called Flowfold.

This isn't just a gadget; it's a means of transforming daily commutes into sustainable journeys. Lavoie's Series 1 e-scooter is more than transportation; it embodies safety, style, and functionality, empowering ambitious urban residents to embrace a new way of getting around.

With the Lavoie Series 1 e-scooter receiving resounding interest and its order books quickly filling up despite its starting price of around €2,200, the momentum is undeniable. Pre-orders have surged, underscoring the anticipation for a transformative urban mobility experience. Moreover, Lavoie's potential integration with VanMoof's established brand and pioneering solutions has sparked conversations about their compatibility.

Does this union hold the key to harmonizing e-bikes and e-scooters? Both companies share a commitment to micromobility and envision a world where electric vehicles redefine short-distance travel. As the urban mobility landscape evolves, this collaboration could bridge gaps and enhance transportation options for urbanites across Europe.

VanMoof's enduring brand presence, though somewhat weathered, remains powerful. The British investor's apparent readiness to rebrand Lavoie as VanMoof underscores their faith in the brand's resonance and influence.

A notable nod to McLaren Applied's deep-rooted understanding of cycling further enriches this narrative. A collaboration with Specialized, which produced a carbon frame, demonstrates their knack for innovation in this domain.

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