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Volteras Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

London-based startup Volteras has been orchestrating a quiet revolution for the past three years
By Josefina Dipaolo
October 17, 2023

In the fast-evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), a London-based startup named Volteras has quietly been making waves for the past three years. Their mission: to serve as the essential bridge connecting electric vehicles to the wider ecosystem that powers them. From EV chargers to home batteries, energy retailers to mapping apps, Volteras aspires to be the connective tissue that brings it all together.

During this period, Volteras has successfully raised approximately $2.9 million and forged strategic partnerships with industry giants, including Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and solar energy leader Enphase. These partnerships underscore Volteras' growing influence and impact on the EV landscape.

For Volteras founder and CEO Peter Wilson, the challenge lies in collecting comprehensive data from electric vehicles and their interconnected ecosystem. He states, "It's really difficult to get data from electric vehicles and the surrounding ecosystem." He goes on to highlight a crucial point, "Some businesses have access to EV data, but they don't have access to chargers and energy storage. Others have access to charging data, but they don't have access to EV data."

Volteras aspires to emulate Plaid's work with banks in the finance sector. They offer OEMs and energy retailers API access, creating a unified and data-rich environment. Importantly, Volteras is committed to respecting user privacy and will not trade or exploit data with third parties. This approach sets them apart from earlier business models that were primarily focused on data monetization.

The importance of data privacy and regulation in the EV industry cannot be overstated. Modern electric vehicles are equipped with a myriad of cameras and sensors that collect sensitive data, including driver behaviors and location. Regulatory bodies like California's Privacy Protection Agency are taking a keen interest in how automakers handle this data, signaling the need for ethical and secure data management.

But Volteras offers more than just data insights. According to Wilson, the startup's API allows energy retailers to perform tasks like load balancing, making decisions about when to charge EVs, provided customers opt in.

While tech giant Tesla has been working to integrate its own ecosystem of electric cars, power storage units, and solar arrays into a seamless app, Volteras brings this concept to a wider audience. Tesla, for instance, limits its electricity plan to Texas, whereas Volteras aims to offer these services more broadly.

With a seed funding round of $2.9 million, which took place almost a year ago, and investments from notable backers, including Exor (a major stakeholder in Ferrari and Stellantis), early-stage VC Long Journey Ventures, and Crunchie awardee Scott Banister, Volteras is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric vehicles. The seed round valued the company at approximately $12 million, highlighting its potential for transformative impact in the EV sector.

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