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French Tech Faces Uncertainty Ahead of Snap Election

Concerns arise as French tech leaders brace for potential setbacks ahead of the snap election, impacting innovation and competitiveness
June 25, 2024

As France prepares for a sudden parliamentary election, its tech industry voices concerns over potential impacts on innovation and international competitiveness.

President Emmanuel Macron's call for snap elections on June 30 and July 7 has stirred apprehension among French tech leaders. Central to their worries is the possibility of a far-right or far-left majority hindering France’s aspiration to lead Europe's tech sector and Paris's ambition to become an AI hub.

The uncertainty looms large over initiatives like the French Tech Visa, essential for attracting global talent crucial to diversity in tech development, as highlighted by Chloé Clair, CEO of namR, a green AI company.

"Innovation thrives on diversity; without it, Paris cannot evolve into an AI hub," Clair emphasized, underscoring the potential setback of xenophobic policies.

Pierre-Carl Langlais, co-founder of Pleias, echoed concerns about brain drain and recognition within the tech sector. He noted challenges in gaining visibility and funding amid political instability, which could stall projects critical to France’s technological advancement.

Tech leaders fear delays in crucial reforms and funding cuts, with Alexis Normand of Greenly stressing the impact on green initiatives if the far-right National Rally gains prominence. Despite resilience in France’s tech ecosystem, Maya Noel of France Digitale expressed concern that a slowdown could jeopardize the country’s competitive edge in deep-tech innovation.

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