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July 7, 2023

Kinnu raises $6.5M to reshape edtech with AI-driven learning

“The next frontier is democratising access to the mechanism of how we learn,” says co-founder and CEO Christopher Kahler

The London-based startup revolutionizing learning with AI-powered technology. In a fresh funding round, they've raised $6.5M to prioritize learners' needs, shifting the focus from content creators. Backed by industry leaders, Kinnu's generative AI approach sets them apart in the edtech space. With a team driven by a deep fascination with learning, Kinnu aims to reshape the future of education. Let's delve into their inspiring journey.

The recent funding round, led by LocalGlobe and Cavalry Ventures, along with participation from Spark Capital and Jigsaw, marks a significant milestone for Kinnu. Notable angel investors, including Tom Hulme from Google Ventures and Guy Podjarny of Snyk, further validate the startup's innovative vision. Having previously raised $2.4M in a pre-seed round, Kinnu's total funding now stands at nearly $9M.

With a keen understanding of the evolving education landscape, Kinnu's co-founders, Christopher Kahler and Abraham Müller, embraced the potential of generative AI. Their prior success in the market research space, with the acquisition of Qriously by Brandwatch, fueled their curiosity about building a company centered around learning. Alongside third co-founder Hanna Celina, Kinnu has harnessed the power of AI to create a personalized and adaptive learning experience.

By harnessing the expertise of "next-level cephalopods," as the company humorously puts it, Kinnu's generative AI tailors the learning journey to each individual learner. Their approach challenges the traditional notion of "Content is King" and places learners at the core. It's this unique perspective and dedication to advancing education that sets Kinnu apart in the competitive edtech landscape.

As Kinnu embarks on its mission to transform learning, backed by top-tier investors and a team passionate about education, the future looks promising. With their AI-powered learning engine, Kinnu is poised to shape a new era of education that puts learners' needs first.

Stay tuned as Kinnu redefines the boundaries of edtech and continues to unlock the true potential of learning.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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