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Music Labels Sue AI Song Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement

Lawsuits filed against AI music generators Suno and Udio by major labels for copyright infringement spark industry debate on AI's role in music creation and artist rights
June 26, 2024

Major music labels, including Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group Recordings, and Warner Records, have filed lawsuits against AI song generators Suno and Udio for alleged copyright infringement. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced these legal actions, seeking $150,000 per work in compensation.

One lawsuit targets Suno AI in federal court in Boston, while another is against Uncharted Labs, the developer of Udio AI, filed in New York. The claims assert that Suno and Udio's software unlawfully extracts elements from existing music to create derivative works without proper authorization.

Suno AI, which launched its product last year with a Microsoft partnership, charges users a monthly fee for access. Meanwhile, Udio gained attention after US producer Metro Boomin used it to create a viral parody track. Both companies deny the allegations, with Suno's CEO emphasizing their technology is designed to produce original compositions and not replicate existing content.

The music industry, while exploring AI's potential for innovation, condemns unlicensed AI services that exploit copyrighted material without compensation or consent. Legal and ethical concerns surrounding AI in music production have prompted legislative actions and advocacy efforts to protect artists' rights and creative integrity.

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