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PowerSchool Launches Arabic Education Platform Across Middle East and Beyond

PowerSchool launches an Arabic education platform, empowering Middle Eastern educators and families
June 20, 2024

PowerSchool, a leading provider of cloud-based education software, has announced the launch of its newly translated and localized products for the Middle East. This initiative equips educators across the region with the tools to streamline administrative tasks, classroom activities, and communication in Arabic, utilizing features such as right-to-left interface display and the Hijri calendar overlay.

Administrators now have access to PowerSchool’s acclaimed Student Information System, allowing them to manage student records and generate reports in Arabic. Teachers can enhance personalized learning through Schoology Learning, while Arabic-speaking parents can interact with digital school forms via PowerSchool’s Enrollment Express and Ecollect Forms solutions.

The introduction of these Arabic-language products underscores PowerSchool’s commitment to enhancing collaboration between schools and families, improving student outcomes, and promoting equity and access in Arabic-speaking regions globally. PowerBuddy, PowerSchool’s AI-powered assistant, is also in development with multi-language capabilities, slated for release in the Middle East.

Stewart Monk, Senior Vice President & General Manager, International at PowerSchool, remarked, "With the UAE and other GCC countries prioritizing digital transformation in education, we are delighted to make our educational and operational products available in Arabic. This aligns with our commitment to supporting educational leaders in providing personalized learning experiences for students worldwide."

The launch coincides with the opening of PowerSchool’s new office in Dubai, U.A.E., underscoring the organization’s dedication to the region and the potential impact of its innovative solutions across the GCC.

"PowerSchool’s investment in Arabic localization demonstrates their understanding of the diverse needs of their user base and their commitment to inclusivity," commented Mohammed Essam, PowerSchool Lead at ESOL Education. "This investment is expected to foster closer collaboration with educational institutions in the Middle East, driving innovation and progress in the education sector."

PowerSchool serves over 55 million students globally, providing intuitive solutions that enhance security, centralize access to comprehensive data, and improve student performance through AI-driven personalized education.

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