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Q.Big 3D raises €2M to unleash Queen 1 printer

Unleashing innovation: The Queen 1, an economical 3D printer, uses plastic pellets and dual nozzles
By Josefina Dipaolo
July 10, 2023

Introducing a game-changer in the world of 3D printing, Aalen University spin-out Q.Big 3D is shaking up the industry with its revolutionary technology. Recently, the start-up secured an impressive €2 million in funding, propelling the launch of its remarkable large-format printer, the Queen 1.

With the Queen 1, Q.Big 3D unleashes a printer of truly epic proportions. This XXXL wonder is not only innovative but also cost-effective, utilizing plastic pellets for printing. Equipped with Q.Big 3D's patented technology, the Queen 1 boasts the ability to employ two nozzles during the printing process. One nozzle works its magic, delivering swift and high-volume printing, while the other delicately crafts fine surfaces and intricate structures.

The potential for Q.Big 3D's cutting-edge technology spans across various industries, attracting the attention of renowned companies like Voith, Kärcher, and John Deere. From the rail and commercial vehicle sector to shipbuilding, aerospace, mechanical engineering, architecture, and construction, the applications are vast. Even the exhibition stand construction and building technology sectors are poised to benefit from Q.Big 3D's game-changing solutions. In fact, during its Beta phase, the Queen 1 successfully produced side doors for helicopter cockpits, showcasing its immense capabilities.

This significant funding round for the Aalen-based company was expertly led by HZG Group, joined by existing investor Manz AG and personal investment from none other than Dieter Manz, the visionary founder of Manz AG. With such backing, Q.Big 3D is poised to revolutionize the world of large-format 3D printing, leaving an indelible mark on various industries and opening new doors to innovation.

In a world hungry for advancements, Q.Big 3D's large-format printer, the Queen 1, emerges as a true game-changer. The company's successful funding round and strong partnerships pave the way for a future where imagination has no bounds, and where the impossible becomes a tangible reality. Stay tuned as Q.Big 3D reshapes industries and inspires a new era of manufacturing possibilities.

Kerstin Herzog, founder and managing director of HZG Group, says: "In the field of additively manufactured large components, Q.Big 3D's technology covers a very broad spectrum from prototypes, design and functional samples to spare parts, operating equipment and end products. We are thrilled by the potential range of applications because this is exactly where the classic advantages of 3D printing are effectively merged with a short and tool-less process chain to manufacture large components. We are excited about the next steps we will take together with the team and its Queen 1"

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