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Reddit Drops Out of Top Ten Linked Domains in Google AI Overviews

A shift in AI responses sees Reddit lose prominence, with Runners World taking the top spot
June 21, 2024

Reddit has slipped out of the top ten linked domains in Google AI Overviews, according to recent research by SE Ranking. This shift could be attributed to the infamous glue on pizza incident, where an AI-generated response referenced an old Reddit comment by a user named "fucksmith" in a decade-old thread.

Google’s AI Overview feature, which generates responses by scanning the web, seems to have reduced its reliance on Reddit for sourcing information. In SE Ranking’s analysis, emerged as the most frequently linked domain, with Wikipedia and YouTube securing the fifth and sixth spots, respectively.

This change in domain prominence within AI Overviews signals a broader shift in the sources that Google's AI considers authoritative, potentially influencing how users perceive and trust the information provided by AI-generated responses.

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