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SpaceX Secures NASA Contract to Safely Deorbit International Space Station

NASA awards SpaceX up to $843 million to develop vehicle for controlled space station re-entry by 2030
June 28, 2024

NASA has awarded SpaceX a significant contract, valued at up to $843 million, to oversee the safe deorbiting of the International Space Station (ISS) once its operational lifespan concludes in 2030. This partnership marks a pivotal step in NASA's long-term strategy to responsibly decommission the ISS and manage its re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Until 2030, NASA plans to continue utilizing the ISS for scientific research and international collaboration in space exploration. Following its retirement, the station and the specially developed deorbiting vehicle by SpaceX are designed to undergo controlled disintegration upon re-entry, ensuring the safety of inhabited areas on Earth.

This collaboration underscores SpaceX's growing role in space infrastructure and highlights NASA's proactive approach to managing space debris and ensuring responsible space exploration practices for future missions.

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