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July 5, 2023

VSParticle secures €14.5M to scale material discovery breakthrough

"VSParticle: Revolutionizing Material Discovery at Scale" praises Sten Tamkivi, lead investor in VSP's growth

VSParticle, born from a visionary research project at TU Delft, is set to transform the landscape of material development. With a remarkable ability to accelerate the process from fifteen years to just one, VSParticle's cutting-edge technology empowers researchers worldwide to unlock groundbreaking materials for revolutionary products. By reducing materials to nanoparticles and streamlining production, the company revolutionizes the material innovation cycle, from lab experiments to mass production.

In a significant milestone, VSParticle has secured €14.5 million in funding, led by Plural Platform and supported by BlueYard Capital. This investment will drive the scaling of their game-changing technology and fuel the expansion of their operations and commercial teams. Additionally, VSParticle has received a generous €3.5 million grant from NXTGEN Hightech, bringing their total funding to an impressive €18 million.

VSParticle's breakthrough technology is not only set to transform industries but also plays a crucial role in the decarbonization of society. By enabling the mass production of Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCMs), VSParticle contributes to the production of green hydrogen—a vital component in achieving Europe's ambitious goal of 10 million tons of green hydrogen per year by 2030. As the demand for efficient catalysts soars, VSParticle's technology emerges as a game-changer in driving the shift toward a sustainable future.

With their unwavering commitment to material discovery and societal impact, VSParticle stands at the forefront of innovation, fueling the advancement of cutting-edge research and driving the transformation of industries worldwide.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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