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July 20, 2023

PVcase Raise $100M to Revolutionize Solar Design and Accelerate Renewable Energy

PVcase aims to reshape the solar landscape

Amidst scorching temperatures and a persistent heatwave, the global call for efficient renewable energy solutions has reached a critical crescendo. However, the solar engineering industry finds itself lagging behind in the race to meet soaring demand, lacking the crucial digitization required to keep pace.

Lithuanian startup PVcase (PhotoVoltaic Computer Aided Solar Engineering) has emerged as the vanguard of solar project design, bringing forth a transformative solution that makes solar design faster, more efficient, and remarkably precise. Addressing the industry's mounting data risk, PVcase has successfully secured a joint investment of $100 million, with participation from esteemed investors Highland Europe, Energize, and existing investor Elephant. This substantial funding catapults the company's total raised capital to an impressive sum exceeding $123 million.

Determined to streamline every aspect of the design and operations process, PVcase offers an all-encompassing platform that unifies crucial stages seamlessly. Building on their recent acquisition of solar siting leader Anderson Optimization, PVcase has expertly synchronized the data fields of both platforms. Information can be transferred effortlessly with just a few clicks, enhancing workflow efficiency.

PVcase has unveiled the game-changing Anderson Optimization software in Germany, Spain, and the UK, expanding its reach across the European market. The introduction is projected to drastically reduce the project design timeline for European developers from weeks to a mere 20 minutes. Founded in 2017 by David Trainavicius in Vilnius, PVcase represents a new era in PV software.

By prioritizing automation and accuracy right from the planning stages and integrating 3D topographical data points to simulate actual solar plant locations, PVcase empowers customers to compete for and secure more projects, ultimately delivering greater yields.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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