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July 3, 2023

Causely has raised 8.8 million in latest funding Round

The funding achievement and the availability of their early service highlight their unwavering dedication to the space

Causely, an innovative causal AI company hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, has recently secured an impressive $8.8 million in Seed funding, propelling its total funding raised since its inception in 2022 to over $1 million. This exciting funding round was spearheaded by 645 Ventures, with strong participation from founding investor Amity Ventures. Notably, Causely also welcomed new investors Glasswing Ventures and Tau Ventures into the fold.

The infusion of funds will serve as a catalyst for Causely to further develop its groundbreaking causal AI platform for IT and launch an initial service tailored specifically for applications operating in Kubernetes environments. What sets Causely apart is its revolutionary approach, which aims to eliminate the necessity for human intervention by capturing causality within software. By enabling seamless end-to-end automation, spanning from detection to remediation, Causely effectively bridges the gap between observability and action, resulting in accelerated remediation time and minimized business impact.

"In today's fast-paced world, developers and operators find themselves grappling with overwhelming volumes of data, alert storms, and incidents, leaving current solutions struggling to keep up," stated Ellen Rubin, CEO and Founder of Causely. "Causely's vision is to empower self-managed, resilient applications and render human troubleshooting obsolete. We are thrilled to bring this vision to life with the unwavering support and partnership of 645 Ventures, Amity Ventures, our other esteemed investors, and our close collaboration with early design partners." To kickstart their mission, Causely has made their initial service available through an exclusive Early Access program, specifically targeting DevOps and SRE users involved in building and supporting applications within the Kubernetes ecosystem. By offering early access, Causely actively engages with its user base, fostering collaboration and gathering valuable feedback to refine and enhance their cutting-edge solution.

Causely's recent fundraising success and the launch of their initial service mark significant milestones in their journey to reshape the industry. With a firm commitment to delivering autonomous and resilient applications, Causely is positioned to make a profound impact in the realm of causal AI, driving innovation and transforming the landscape of IT operations.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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