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Google Experiments with AI-Generated Results

Google jumps on the AI bandwagon,possibly abandoning list of blue links
By Kriti Swarup
May 15, 2023

On 11 May 2023, Google announced a trial period for AI-generated search results. This experiment, so to say, shall alter the search results page by incorporating generative artificial intelligence. Under pressure from AI rivals like ChatGPT, Google aims to maintain its dominance in the global search engine market. Through an opt-in trial initially available in the US, users can catch a glimpse of the future of Google Search.

Unlike replacing the familiar list of blue links, Google has chosen a more innovative approach by introducing the "AI-powered snapshot" at the top of the search results page. This concise yet informative summary, accompanied by relevant source links, offers users a comprehensive overview of their search query. The snapshot also includes follow-up questions and breaks down information into sentence-level details, enhancing interactivity and intuitiveness.

The traditional reign of plain blue links on the search results page is coming to an end. Recognizing that users rarely scroll beyond the top results, Google's AI experiment places the AI-generated snapshot prominently, relegating the blue links further down the page. By embracing this transformative shift, Google ensures that users are greeted with visually captivating and highly informative search experiences right from the start.

For those eager to experience this revolutionary search experience, Google has launched a trial exclusively for Chrome desktop users and the Google App in the US. Search Labs, the entry point for this trial, is opening sign-ups today, with access to the Search generative experience becoming available in the coming weeks. While Australians may have to wait, they can join the waiting list to be among the first to embrace this cutting-edge technology.

Considering the significance of ads in Google's revenue stream, the integration of AI-generated search results opens up new opportunities for optimizing ad placements. With advanced AI capabilities, Google can gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, resulting in more targeted and relevant advertisements. Although the number of ads may decrease, the remaining ads will be highly tailored to individual preferences, providing users with a more personalized experience.

This ambitious venture into AI-generated search results promises to redefine the way we utilize search engines. Users are no longer bound by literal search terms but can express their queries naturally, expecting meaningful interpretations from the search engine. AI's ability to consolidate diverse searches into a concise summary eliminates the need for multiple searches on different aspects of a query. With Google's determination to stay ahead and revolutionize the search experience, the future of Googling is poised for profound change.

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