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February 17, 2023

Hippo Video Secured $8 Million in Funding

AI-powered video-creating platform expands its budget with $8 million

Hippo Video, a B2B startup providing personalized video distribution, secured $8 million in a funding round led by Dallas Venture Capital with the participation of Alpha Wave Incubation, KAE Capital, and Exfinity Venture Partners.

With the newly acquired funding, Hippo Video will have the opportunity to broaden its customer base in the United States and increase its usage scenarios. This will supplement the existing customer list which includes Genesys, Seismic, HP, Freshworks, and a major European airline. The company will also direct efforts toward improving and enhancing its range of products and features.

“Businesses realize that video is a more impactful medium to establish better relationships that turn prospects into customers – but they have been unable to capture its full potential in the sales process,”

- says one of the founders and CEO of Hippo Video, Karthi Mariappan

“By humanizing conversations with hyper-personalized, interactive videos and enabling sales teams to distribute custom videos at scale, Hippo Video helps sales teams increase the pipeline and engagement, which translates into higher win rates and revenue. This new capital will help us reach more companies in need of automated video technology to help them stand out among their prospects.”

Founded in 2016, Hippo Video’s platform, which generative AI powers, supports companies in their content creation efforts and has the capacity to produce numerous customized videos in a single day. Further, the software automatically transcribes the audio from the video, enabling sales teams to edit videos more efficiently and produce professional-looking videos with minimal effort. The process involves only a few clicks. This technology contributes to a rise in scheduled meetings, greater audience engagement, and enhanced success rates.

“Atrium has sellers scattered all over the country and not always inside the hotel where face-to-face interaction is an option,”

- says Bryan King, vice president of sales and marketing with Atrium Hospitality

“In some cases, it's Hippo Video that creates the breakthrough between our seller and the customer. Using Hippo Video, we created hundreds of videos that we can attribute to winning hundreds of thousands of dollars of business for our hotel.”

February 17, 2023
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