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Humane Execs Launch AI Fact-Checking Startup

Humane is marked by significant transitions as two key executives depart to embark on their entrepreneurial venture
July 10, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI hardware, Humane faces challenges as it navigates its path forward, marked by recent departures of key personnel who are now launching their own venture. Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, both formerly of Apple and now co-founders of Infactory, are steering clear of hardware to focus on a new frontier: a precision-driven fact-checking search engine.

Infactory, conceived by former Humane executives Brooke Hartley Moy and Ken Kocienda as CEO and CTO respectively, promises a departure from the secrecy that shrouded their previous endeavor. Unlike traditional search engines, Infactory aims to revolutionize information retrieval by leveraging AI selectively, enhancing user interactions with natural language processing while safeguarding against the inaccuracies plaguing current AI models.

Their approach emphasizes direct sourcing from trusted databases, ensuring factual accuracy without the distortions often associated with AI-generated content summaries. Targeting enterprise clients like newsrooms and research institutions, Infactory will offer subscription-based access to meticulously curated data, initially focusing on objective domains such as financial analysis.

Hartley Moy underscores the importance of partnering with reliable data providers, distinguishing Infactory’s strategy from content-centric models by prioritizing computational accuracy. The startup has secured pre-seed funding with plans to pursue additional investment over the coming months.

Despite their departure from Humane amid its post-launch struggles, Bongiorno and Chaudhri emphasize that their entrepreneurial leap was motivated by the allure of innovation rather than the setbacks of their former employer. As they gear up for Infactory’s imminent launch, the duo remains steadfast in their commitment to pioneering solutions that push the boundaries of AI application in information retrieval.

Infactory’s emergence promises to inject fresh momentum into the tech industry, fostering a landscape where ambitious startups challenge established norms, driving forward the pace of innovation in hardware and software solutions alike.

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