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March 10, 2023

Iktos Closed €15.5 Million in a Series A Funding Round

Artificial Intelligence as a key actor within the drug discovery industry

Iktos, a French startup that specializes in using AI for new drug discovery, successfully raised €15.5 million in a Series A funding round co-led by M Ventures and Debiopharm Innovation Fund, both of which are new investors in the company. Omnes Capital, a firm that has previously invested in Gourmey, The Exploration Company, and Capsule Corp Labs, also participated in the funding round.

Iktos will use the acquired funds to enhance its AI and drug discovery capabilities and expand the reach of its SaaS software. The company plans to introduce Robotics, a novel, end-to-end drug discovery platform that utilizes a combination of AI and automated chemical synthesis, which can significantly reduce the time required for drug discovery.

“The search for new drug matter is still a laborious and uncertain quest of exploring a chemical universe composed of virtually infinite number of potential molecules. The application of artificial intelligence to early drug discovery and design offers the possibility of a radical change for researchers exploring such chemical universe. The technologies we have developed have been enabling multiple partners in realizing this promise. We welcome our new, experienced, investor syndicate and fresh financing that will allow us to execute our plan of being the preferred partner for the industry to address their drug development needs,”

- outlines the president and co-founder of Iktos, Yann Gaston-Mathé

Found in 2016, Iktos focuses on developing AI-based solutions for chemical research, specifically in the field of medicinal chemistry and the design of new drugs. In the early stages of pharmaceutical research and development, Iktos' technology platform can significantly improve productivity. With its Makya software platform, the company provides both professional services and SaaS software. Additionally, Iktos is developing Spaya, a retrosynthesis planning software that uses its proprietary AI technology.

“Shortening drug discovery cycle times and accelerating processes to clinical entry at lower cost has been a high priority for the industry and clinicians alike. We believe Iktos with its mature technology across generative AI and synthesis planning, and advancements in building fully integrated drug discovery platform has the potential to provide a competitive edge for the pharma industry as AI/ML becomes a core feature of R&D,”

- comments Dr. Nadiya Ishnazarova from M Ventures

March 10, 2023
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