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Moonhub Successfully Secures $4.4M in Seed Round

Moonhub, a company with an AI-driven approach to recruitment processes, raises $4.4 Million in a seed round
February 10, 2023

Moonhub, a company with an AI-driven approach to recruitment processes, raises $4.4 Million in a seed round led by Khosla Ventures and Google Ventures with participation from YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki and others. The funding will support the company’s attempts to optimize and democratize hiring procedures.

Founded in 2022, Moonhub built a real-time AI-powered search engine for job candidates. The AI innovation quickly and efficiently guides recruiters through several questions that navigate the search for candidates in the right direction. The technology collects enormous data on best-fit experienced candidates from LinkedIn, Google Scholar, GitHub, Upwork, StackOverflow, and Twitter. Moonhub’s database includes more than 100 million candidates. Further, one in five candidates recommended by the company receive an offer.

We’re building Moonhub and at the core we want to be recruiting AI for fast-growing companies. And what we do is we have a core platform that allows companies to find the best talent for any given opportunity, and work with in-house experts to actually hire people and engage them for those opportunities. - Nancy Xu, Moonhub founder and CEO

Nancy Xu is convinced that 90% of job candidates who are competent and suitable for the applied position never receive an opportunity due to limitations in the tools used by recruiters. The founder of Moonhub outlines that these tools are frequently focused on strict keywords and search engines and in fact, restrict the spectrum of qualified candidates. Further, the CEO is certain that 90% of candidates don’t stick to strict keywords when describing a skill which results in limited job opportunities. Nancy outlines that growing up as a child of immigrants provided her perspective on the importance of opportunities.

Moonhub, a company with 15 employees, has dozens of clients using the platform, most of which are tech companies. Later this year, Moonhub intends to make some of its core AI technologies available to clients directly as a software solution.

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