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Orgnostic Launches AI-Powered People Analytics in Slack for HR and Management

Transforming Decision-Making with Seamless Integration and Actionable Insights
By Elitsa Kaleva
May 8, 2023

Orgnostic, a trailblazing people analytics company, has introduced generative AI capabilities to enhance the decision-making process for HR teams, people analytics professionals, and management. With the latest updates, users can now harness the full potential of generative AI within their Slack workspace, enabling faster and more effective responses to organizational questions.

Leveraging existing data, Orgnostic empowers users to establish a course of action and make well-informed decisions in a fraction of the time typically required. The company was founded by industry experts Luka Babic and Igor Bogicevic. Luca Babic, Orgnostic's CEO, is an award-winning HR manager and former Head of People Operations at Infobip, where he facilitated the company's transition from startup to unicorn status. Igor Bogicevic, a Forbes Tech Council member, previously co-founded Seven Bridges Genomics, an innovative leader in biomedical data analysis recognized as one of MIT Tech Review's 50 smartest companies.

Orgnostic's cutting-edge platform enables HR, People Analytics, and C-level leaders to swiftly convert disjointed data from various HR tools into actionable insights, reducing the time from data to decision from months to mere days. By providing leadership teams with valuable organizational insights, Orgnostic promotes the development of efficient, profitable, and employee-friendly work environments.

"Imagine having access to your complete HR data combined with insights from more than 100,000 selected HR blogs, articles, IO psychology research papers, and benchmarking datasets at your fingertips. With Orgnostic, you don’t have to imagine – it’s a reality.

Our AI Metrics Search feature allows you to ask any question about your people data and get relevant data visuals with a fully contextualized summary and highlights of the metrics of your choice. You can quickly identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to improve your workforce and stay ahead of your competitors," - outlines Orgnostic CEO, Luca Babic

The innovative Orgnostic AI Slack integration allows users to pose questions in natural language and receive a summary of relevant metrics and insights from the Orgnostic platform and to complete with links for further exploration and data manipulation. Additionally, users are provided with comprehensive answers to inquiries, drawing from an extensive knowledge base and offering access to a vast library of external resources for addressing specific concerns.

"In line with our mission to democratize people analytics, we worked on this integration as we want to enable the managers throughout the organization to get valuable data and insights related to their teams and departments, but without the need to go through a vast set of metrics. By simply asking the question that they would ask a people analyst, managers can now get the actionable insights as fast and easily as possible, directly through Slack, and soon through Teams as well. This integration also reduces the workloads from people analytics teams so they can outsource general questions to the Orgnostic platform and instead use their time on high-impact analytics for their organization," - comments the Co-Founder and CTO of Orgnostic, Igor Bogicevic

By incorporating generative AI directly into Slack, Orgnostic is transforming the way HR, people analytics teams, and management access and utilize organizational data, paving the way for a smarter, more efficient approach to decision-making.

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