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August 31, 2023

Realizing Lightning-Fast Routes Across Americas and Kolibrić Team Up to Unleash Ultra-Low Latency Fiber Connectivity Across Americas

The digital horizon expands as, a frontrunner in cloud networking and software-defined infrastructure, forges an amplified partnership with Kolibrić Telecom. This collaboration, initially known for the Istanbul to Frankfurt route in 2022, now ventures to provide ultra-low latency fiber connectivity, redefining the dynamics of networking across Europe and the Americas.

Fuelled by a surging demand for enhanced networking solutions in less densely populated markets, this extension underscores the relentless pursuit of performance and reliability.

Previously, and Kolibrić pioneered ultra-low latency with their Istanbul to Frankfurt route. Now, they raise the stakes, blazing a trail with meticulously designed routes spanning the Americas. These new conduits come fortified with stringent SLAs, assuring unwavering application performance and network availability. Collaboratively tailored to meet end-customer requirements, these routes epitomize ingenuity.

George Szlosarek, the CEO at, shared his enthusiasm: "The appetite for ultra-low latency networking continues to surge. Our move into the Americas shortens the geographical bridge for our customers, creating a playground of dynamic possibilities. With Kolibrić as our partner, innovation knows no bounds."

The collaboration doesn't just encapsulate technology; it's a proactive network management and turnkey support, ushering in peak performance and unparalleled uptime. United by a shared vision, neutrality.one3GT and Kolibrić continue their pursuit to sculpt the lowest latency fiber routes, keenly attuned to the unique needs of each end customer.

Vladimir Kryakvin, CEO at Kolibrić, echoed the sentiment, "Our partnership with has seamlessly benefited a diverse ecosystem of customers. Expanding into the Americas is a natural progression, empowered by our mutual understanding of customer needs. Together, we're redefining performance benchmarks."

Kolibrić, a global player in telco offerings encompassing IP Transit, Private Networks, Dark Fiber Solutions, Colocation, and Data Transit Capacity, stands tall with its unique infrastructure, catering bespoke solutions to every client. This partnership is more than a pact; it's a pivotal stride towards delivering performance-driven networking that resonates across continents.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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