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Red Kubes Launches Otomi on AWS & Azure, Unveils New Services

Red Kubes revolutionizes Kubernetes automation with the availability of Otomi on AWS & Azure, empowering seamless software integration
June 20, 2023

Red Kubes, the Dutch startup behind the game-changing Kubernetes-native platform Otomi, has made a significant stride forward. Today, the company proudly announced the availability of Otomi on two major cloud marketplaces, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and Azure Marketplace. With a keen focus on automating the software supply chain process, Otomi offers seamless integration, automation, and configuration of all essential components for harnessing Kubernetes in production. This breakthrough ensures faster project deployment, enabling customers to swiftly conquer the market. As Otomi gains popularity in both private and public clouds, the marketplace integration expedites sourcing and deployment processes, facilitating hassle-free installations directly from the platforms.

Red Kubes holds the esteemed partner status on AWS and Azure, and Otomi has successfully undergone rigorous evaluation and validation by both AWS and Microsoft. Rouven Besters, the CEO of Red Kubes, expressed tremendous excitement about this milestone. He emphasized the significance of this development, particularly in today's landscape where new workloads predominantly embrace the public cloud. The integration of Otomi into marketplaces simplifies procurement and contracting, enabling customers to swiftly access live platforms and accelerate application production—an achievement that aligns precisely with Red Kubes' mission.

Moreover, this integration empowers customers to transact Otomi through the marketplaces, leveraging their existing funds and consumption commitments. By utilizing established supplier contracts with AWS or Azure, customers can seamlessly purchase Otomi and unlock its transformative potential.

Red Kubes doesn't stop there. Recognizing the importance of cloud native migration, the company now introduces a suite of exceptional services: Route-to-Live and Acceleration. The Route-to-Live services aim to minimize time to market for applications by identifying process and technological bottlenecks. Through comprehensive assessments of the current architectural state and corresponding business outcomes, this service facilitates technology process automation, cost optimization, and risk reduction, streamlining the route to launching applications.

On the other hand, the Acceleration services empower customers on their Kubernetes journey by expediting container, cloud, and Kubernetes adoption. By implementing best practices of cloud native architecture and leveraging technology and process automation, Red Kubes sets a solid foundation for organizations seeking optimal performance and efficiency.

Red Kubes has even more in store. As the company continues its upward trajectory, it plans to extend its offerings to the Google Cloud platform in the near future, ensuring a wider reach and greater accessibility for its transformative solutions.

In conclusion, Red Kubes' Otomi Platform, now available on AWS and Azure marketplaces, brings unprecedented simplicity and efficiency to Kubernetes deployment. Combined with the innovative Route-to-Live and Acceleration services, Red Kubes is revolutionizing cloud native migration and empowering customers on their Kubernetes journey. As Red Kubes sets its sights on expanding to Google Cloud, the company solidifies its position as a trailblazer in simplifying and enhancing the Kubernetes experience.

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