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August 3, 2023

Revalue Nature pioneers a New Path for Climate Tech Projects

$10M Series A to boost platform & lead nature-based carbon market with integrity

Revalue Nature, a UK-based climate tech start-up, is reshaping the landscape of carbon projects with its innovative approach. Unlike traditional methods, the company offers project developers a unique perspective by examining projects 'from the ground up' through its cutting-edge platform and a network of global project financiers spanning eight countries across three continents.

Led by founder and CEO, Stuart Rowland, Revalue Nature is driven by a profound commitment to deliver integrity at scale, a goal that fuels their passion and purpose daily. The company has set its sights on a fundamental step-change in the climate tech industry, aiming to address key market challenges while unlocking the full potential of nature-based carbon solutions.

Revalue Nature has reached a significant milestone by closing a $10 million Series A funding round. This major funding effort was co-led by two prominent US-based venture capital firms, the Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) and SJF Ventures, both renowned for their dedication to climate and impact-focused investments.

The recent infusion of capital marks an exciting turning point for Revalue Nature. It will enable the company to strengthen its global partnerships and expand its pipeline of next-generation projects. Moreover, the funding will also empower Revalue Nature to enhance the capabilities of its groundbreaking platform, propelling the development of even more impactful and sustainable initiatives.

For over a decade, the Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) has sought a company that aligns seamlessly with its mission - bringing integrity to the nature-based carbon market. With a firm belief in the immense potential of Revalue Nature, EIF finds in this dynamic start-up the perfect partner to address the market's challenges and pave the way for a greener future.

James Everett, Managing Partner of Ecosystem Integrity Fund, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with Revalue Nature. The company brings together expertise in carbon project development, forest science, process management, and strong values, which is exactly what the market needs."

As Revalue Nature continues its journey toward revolutionizing the climate tech sector, its dedication to integrity, innovation, and collaboration shines bright. With a growing global network and an infusion of fresh funding, the company is poised to drive the development of environmentally impactful projects while advancing sustainability efforts worldwide.

Revalue Nature's approach represents a refreshing departure from traditional carbon project methods. By offering developers an unprecedented viewpoint, the company is sowing the seeds for a greener, more sustainable future.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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