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February 27, 2023

The Generative AI Application Typeface Secured $65 Million in Funding

More innovative, efficient, and smarter future of content creation supported by Google and Microsoft.

Typeface, a San Francisco-based startup that uses generative AI, has recently launched with $65 million in funding from prominent venture capital firms, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, M12 (Microsoft's venture fund), and Google Ventures.

Typeface has developed an AI platform that is customized for the creation of enterprise content. Its platform allows companies to generate product images, blog posts, job posts, and social media advertisements that are consistent with their brand specifications and effectively target niche audiences. The company's AI platform allows enterprises to create high-quality, brand-specific content faster while still maintaining control over the brand's image and message.

"By adding brand affinity to generative AI, Typeface allows enterprises to harness their collective creative power for unique expression of their stories and imagination," - outlines Abhay Parasnis, Typeface CEO and Founder. "Now, any company can transform content into a value multiplier, connecting every department and empowering employees to achieve their creative and storytelling goals."

Typeface's latest offering delivers end-to-end content development solutions, allowing various departments such as marketing, advertising, customer support, sales, HR, and others to create authentic, high-quality content.

"We are already leveraging Typeface in our brand content development and are inspired by the endless creative possibilities it presents," – comments the CMO at Sequoia Benefits Group, Michele Floriani. "From ideation to refinement to stress-testing headlines to creating beautiful imagery, Typeface is a powerful solution that will scale our content standards across our organization."

Typeface has formed partnerships with top companies and digitally-native brands to quickly produce and customize content to fit their business processes.

February 27, 2023
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