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August 3, 2023

Tradeshift Co-founder Unveils 'Beyond Work'

CEO Christian Lanng reveals how their platform aims to revolutionize enterprise tasks

Christian Lanng, the CEO and co-founder of the $2 billion enterprise Tradeshift, is leading a dynamic team in building a groundbreaking 'human AI work platform' called Beyond Work. With an impressive lineup of founders, including former top talents from Uber, Stack Overflow, and KMD, Beyond Work aims to redefine the enterprise experience.

Lanng points out the shortcomings of traditional enterprise software. Despite the promises of simplification and optimization, it has led to an overwhelming surplus of software for companies worldwide. Beyond Work aims to break this pattern and deliver an 'enterprise-safe and revolutionary' day-to-day experience to Fortune 500 customers.

Fueled by a $2.5 million Pre-seed funding round led by Moonfire Ventures and MIT-affiliated fund E14, the European-based start-up is primed for research and development to create a unique and transformative platform.

For Lanng, building Beyond Work in Europe is a point of pride. With access to top talent and robust infrastructure, Europe has become a promising tech innovation hub. It signifies a significant shift from when such ventures were predominantly confined to Silicon Valley.

As Beyond Work emerges as a leading player in the AI landscape, the question of competition arises. Lanng acknowledges the presence of other AI-powered software solutions like Mistral AI, which recently raised an impressive €105 million Seed round. However, Beyond Work is confident in its distinctive approach to revolutionizing enterprise software and poised to make its mark on the global stage.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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