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UK's Outverse secures $6M to enhance community collaboration and UX with AI tools

Outverse secures $6M funding to revolutionize community platforms with AI-driven tools, enhancing product team UX
July 18, 2023

Outverse, the community platform on a mission to revolutionize user experience, has secured an impressive $6 million in a recent funding round. Founded by industry veterans Kyran Schmidt, Ollie Steadman, and Jeylani Jeylani, Outverse introduces AI-powered tools to community platforms, providing product teams with a comprehensive, customizable, and extensible solution.

Unlike traditional community platforms, Outverse is designed to make discussions easily reference-able, rediscover-able, and supports the evolving needs of modern product teams. With its open Beta already launched, this UK-based startup is poised to empower companies to cultivate stronger and more authentic relationships with their user communities.

The Seed round, led by Wing VC, attracted investment from esteemed firms such as Notion Capital, Seedcamp, Connect Ventures, and Tiny VC. These funds will be instrumental in scaling Outverse's product offering, further enhancing its AI capabilities, and solidifying its position as a driving force behind community-led growth.

As the software landscape evolves, the importance of fostering vibrant user communities cannot be overstated. Outverse emerges as a catalyst for companies seeking to leverage the power of community, enabling the creation of iconic products and businesses. With its user-friendly setup and accessibility, Outverse empowers software companies of all sizes to establish valuable, searchable, and ever-growing resources that propel their success.

The future belongs to those who invest in community, and Outverse stands ready to power the communities that will shape the next decade of software innovation. With a commitment to simplicity, usability, and lasting value, Outverse paves the way for a new era of community-driven growth, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for companies worldwide.

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