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Tag: 3d Secures $3.3M to Revolutionize Enterprise 3D

The German 3D brand creation tool,, has secured a remarkable $3.3 million in funding

Now in Graphic Design: Recraft Secures $12M to Redefine the Industry

Recraft stands in generative AI design, empowering users to craft and tweak vector art, icons, 3D images and more AG raises €4.5M for 3D Tissue-Based Heart Disease Drug Discovery

Vienna biotech trailblazer, AG, has just secured a remarkable €4.5 million in a Pre-Series A funding round

Threedium's $11 Million Boost Ignites the Future of Immersive 3D Commerce

Among these trailblazers stands London's own Threedium, a force determined to catapult this industry to new frontiers

ImmuONE, Pioneering 3D Human Lung Model, Receives £2 Million Boost for Innovations

In a changing move for the UK's biotechnology sector a dynamic spin-off, ImmuONE has received a substantial £2 million

London's Ai Build Secures $8.5M to Propel AI-Enhanced Additive Manufacturing

Ai Build, a London-based company at the forefront of additive manufacturing, known as 3D printing, has secured $8.5M

Alpha3D Empowering the Metaverse with Instant 3D Content Generation

Alpha3D emerges as a generative AI-powered platform, groundbreaking technology that promises to catapult digital asset

ShapesXR Secures $8.6M to Catalyze VR Design Revolution and 3D Content Creation

ShapesXR, powering Meta and Logitech, skyrockets with $8.6M seed funding

Austria's Piur Imaging secures €4.9M to expand 3D ultrasound in the US

Transform ultrasound with Piur Imaging's AI-driven analysis for operator-independent efficiency

FononTech Secures €2.3M Investment to Revolutionize Micro-Electronic Printing

Redefining Micro-Electronic Manufacturing with Eco-Friendly 3D Printing. Recent €2.3M Funding Boosts Innovation
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