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Tag: Apps

Jeff Hits Profitability, Secures $2M for Expansion

Jeff, financial marketplace in Asia, has successfully raised $2 million in a Late-Seed funding round

Duolingo Boosts Design with Hobbes Studio Acquisition

Duolingo has expanded its creative arsenal with its latest acquisition: Detroit-based animation

Wayther: Your Ultimate Road Trip Weather App

Wayther, a new iOS app, is transforming road trip planning by offering real-time weather updates and road conditions along your route

FTC Bans NGL's App for Minors

The FTC has issued a groundbreaking ban on NGL, an anonymous social app, prohibiting its marketing to users under 18

Pestle App Saves Recipes from Reels

Pestle, the innovative recipe app, is revolutionizing recipe saving with its latest update

Scribble Journey: Express Emotions with Doodles

This new app, Scribble Journey uses art therapy to help users express and explore their emotions creatively

Snapchat Unveils Personalization Enhancements for Users

Snapchat is rolling out exciting new ways for users to make their mark on the app, predominantly available in Snapchat+

Robinhood Acquires Pluto, Adds AI Tools

Robinhood has bolstered its investing app by acquiring Pluto Capital, Inc., an AI-powered research platform

Introducing Bananabin: The Mac App That Uses Animated Flies to Remind You to Empty Your Trash

A quirky new app helps keep your Mac clean with a playful twist

LTK Launches Automated Direct Message Tool for Influencers

New feature streamlines shopping experience, converting Instagram comments into sales
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