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Tag: AI

A Generation of AI Guinea Pigs: How AI is Shaping Children's Lives

AI's growing presence in education sparks debate on its influence on the younger generation

NVIDIA Unveils Open Synthetic Data Generation Pipeline for Training Large Language Models

NVIDIA's new initiative sets a benchmark in AI training with synthetic data

Revolutionizing AI: How Light-Based Chips Could Transform Energy Consumption

Innovative light-based chips promise to curb AI's soaring energy demands, addressing urgent power consumption concerns

Generative AI Advances Robots to General-Purpose

A profound shift is underway as researchers delve deeper into the realm of artificial intelligence

Humanoid Robot Musashi: A New Hope for Autonomous Driving

The University of Tokyo has unveiled Musashi, a "musculoskeletal humanoid" equipped to operate a small electric car

Databricks Unveils LakeFlow for Streamlined Data Pipelines

Databricks, the powerhouse in data analytics, has just unveiled LakeFlow, a game-changing solution

Apple Becomes World's Most Valuable on AI Plans

Apple has surpassed Microsoft to become the world's most valuable company, Apple’s market cap soaring to $3.3 trillion

Salesforce Launches London AI Hub in $4B UK Push

Salesforce is launching a cutting-edge AI center in London as part of its ambitious $4 billion investment in the U.K.

Neople Secures €6 Million to Fuel International Expansion and AI Training Center

Neople raises €6 million to expand into Germany and launch an AI training center, revolutionizing e-commerce support

GetWhy Raises $34.5M for AI Market Research

GetWhy, a pioneering tech firm in consumer research, has secured a remarkable $34.5 million in Series A funding
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