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Tag: AI

Google Apologizes for Image Generation Misstep

Google issued an apology on Friday, acknowledging that its recent image generation feature for the Gemini AI chatbot

PowerToFly: Transforming Talent Acquisition

Cutting-edge platform fostering diversity in talent acquisition, celebrates a significant milestone today

DatologyAI Automates AI Training Dataset Curation

At DatologyAI, Morcos and his team are crafting cutting-edge tools to revolutionize dataset curation for AI training

Betterleap Launches AI-Powered Talent Sourcing Tool

Betterleap, innovative AI-driven recruiting platform, has just introduced a new feature: Natural Language Search (NLS)

Qloo Secures $25M to Forecast Your Preferences

Qloo is on a quest to decode the intricate tapestry of human preferences and cultural trends

Worldcoin & AI Token Market Dive

Worldcoin tumbled to $6.26 after reaching a recent high of $7.96, leaving investors on the edge of their seat

Dili: AI Revolutionizes Investment Analysis

Stephanie Song, once a key player on Coinbase's corporate development and ventures team, found herself grappling

CoLumbo Raises €2.2M, Seeks More for AI Spine Solutions

A exclusive AI algorithm for MRI spine analysis, proudly holding FDA clearance along with CE mark and TGA certification

Google's Paris AI Hub: European Innovation Nexus

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, unveiled a brand-new hub dedicated to artificial intelligence in Paris

Guardrails AI: Shaping Responsible AI Future

GenAI's misperceptions turn harmful, promoting torture, perpetuating racial stereotypes, and conspiracy theories
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